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1:1 Focus Session To Boost Your Hormone Health

get a customized action plan to set you up for success

LEVERAGE habits that optimize your hormone health

get motivated to make doable changes with big impact

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ready for a fertility refresh?

Energy lacking? Cycle wonky? If you need a boost in your hormone health but don't know where to start, I'll help you focus in and take action.

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You'll Get a Custom Plan to Ditch Problematic Toxins Exposures

In the Hormone Health Focus Session, you’ll learn to use functional nutrition principles to support optimal hormone function. Together, we'll uncover the precise toxins exposures that are throwing off your hormones and you'll get clarity on exactly which next steps you should take to move toward optimal hormone function. I'll share motivational guidance adapted to your situation, psychology, and priorities. The tailor-made steps I leave you with will feel not only doable, but grounding. Many of the principles you’ll learn can be applied to other areas of your health and life.

a nuanced intake form to assess your current context, relevant health history, and goalS

one-hour consultation over zoom with a customized agenda to dive into this topic together

a tailor-made action form with clear next steps to MOVE TOWARD your ideal outcome

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a made-for-you video of my recommendations & motivational strategies to help you take action



feeling overwhelmed by "all the things"?

Let's simplify the next steps to amplify their impact, shall we?

 You see influencers talking about hormone balance left and right, but don't know what's legit and what's just trendy. I'll help clear your cluttered headspace to gain clarity about your path forward. Sometimes a few well-executed changes--specific to you--can make a huge difference. 

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When you book a Hormone Health Focus Session, you’ll receive a 1-hour consultation call over Zoom. Before our call, you’ll complete a nuanced intake form so I can learn your current context, hormone health history, and goals in order to create a custom agenda for our session.

After the call, I’ll create an action form with clear next steps to take on the path to meeting your ideal outcome. I’ll take the insights from our session and recommend the top actions to take that will have the biggest impact on your health. I’ll also record a video talking you through the recommendations and you’ll get motivational strategies to ensure you make progress.

As a bonus, you'll receive 2 weeks of voice messaging support using the Voxer app. Have a question? Need a nudge? Leave me a voice memo and I’ll respond within 1 business day. 

Real answers. Designed for you & your real life.

Meet your nutrition counselor

Hi, I'm Michelle-Marie, and I'll Give You the Support You Deserve.

I’ve been supporting women on their health journeys for 15 years. I’ve got master’s degrees in women’s and gender studies, and gastronomy (food history, culture & policy). I’m also a certified Pilates instructor and a certified pregnancy & postpartum corrective exercise specialist. I offer functional nutrition counseling and health education programs for women and LGBTQIA+ folks, specializing in diet-free hormone health, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.
Because: We Get To Be Well!

founder of we get to be well,
certified functional nutrition counselor, food & wellness culture researcher, and mom

"I'm so lucky to have Michelle-Marie's guidance in my life!"

Taking my specific health history into account, Michelle-Marie explained how intermittent fasting could negatively affect my hormone levels and advised against it as a solution to my PCOS symptoms. I appreciate her insight! 

sarah, artist & office manager

“I appreciate her experience with women's health.”

I chose Michelle-Marie as my functional nutrition counselor because she came with a referral from someone I trust and because I appreciate her experience particularly with women's health and pregnancy/post-partum. 

hanna, mom of two

The Hormone Health Focus Session Is For You    

You're ready to be the driver of your health journey

Your cycle is irregular, painful, and/or exhausting

You've been trying to get pregnant for 4+ months 


You want fast results because you've waited long enough

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*I'm only offering focus sessions at this special price for a limited time. Sessions must be booked by March 31, 2023. Have a question? Email me at michelle-marie@wegettobewell.com.