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Introducing...Fearless Phaseout: Ditch the everyday toxins that impair fertility, complicate pregnancy & keep you from the energetic life you deserve

Introducing...Fearless Phaseout: Ditch the everyday toxins that impair fertility, complicate pregnancy & keep you from the energetic life you deserve

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Let's flip the script together.

Fed up with status quo fertility, pre- and postnatal support? Welcome to We Get To Be Well, where we have a different kind of conversation. One that centers pleasure and connection and knows you're the expert on you. It's the approach to health that'll have you wondering, "How'd you read my mind?" 

i've heard you're the type who refuses to settle...

guadalajara, mexico

So many factors affect health outcomes: habits, environment, genetics, worldview, trauma, stress, relationships, and social identity. I look at the whole you, not just your symptoms, to get at the root causes. You're the driver, I'll help you navigate.

Functional Nutrition Framework

Feminist Lens

Too often, the nutrition industry ignores marginalized individuals. Let's ditch the never-ending "self improvement" project. I don't want to "fix" you. I just want you to get more joy. Your desires need not reflect popular wellness values. (Anti-feminist? Exit left.)

we get to be well approach:

Historical & Cultural Context

Context matters. Our individual and collective stories are as important as our symptoms. By understanding how we got here, we'll make informed choices about where you want to go. Let's keep the cultural traditions that feed you and lose the ones that don't.

locorotondo, italy

"You don't want to just survive your pregnancy. You want to thrive."

Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, founder

food for thought:

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We Get To Be Well uses a functional nutrition framework to offer workshops & courses that make sustainable changes possible and joyful. Coming soon: Fearless Phaseout - reduce toxins exposure without overwhelm or breaking the bank.

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We'll dig into your history, assess the present, and build strategies to achieve your goals. The result: a nutrition & wellness plan that centers pleasure & connection, while supporting your body and mind whether you're pregnant, trying, or postpartum.

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Trying to get pregnant? Cycle wonky? If you need an extra boost in your hormone health but just don't know what to do next, I'll help you focus in and take action.

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Hormone Health Focus Session

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I offer a complimentary call to all new one-on-one counseling clients. We'll chat for 15-20 minutes about you and your health goals. You'll learn about my approach to the counseling relationship and your services options. Basically, we make sure we're a good fit!

Sarah H.

artist & office manager

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I finally got a physical after almost 2.5 years and even though I didn't mention my weight as a concern, the doctor talked about me losing weight and mentioned intermittent fasting. Since I have chronic pain, she said it might help with inflammation. Before making any changes, I asked Michelle-Marie her thoughts...

"I'm so lucky to have Michelle-Marie's guidance in my life!"

Sarah H.

artist & office manager


Taking my specific health history into account, Michelle-Marie explained how intermittent fasting could negatively affect my hormone levels and advised against it as a solution to my PCOS symptoms.

I appreciate her insight! I'm so lucky to have her in my life!

Hanna S.



"I appreciate her experience with women's health."

I chose Michelle-Marie as my functional nutrition counselor because she came with a referral from someone I trust and because I appreciate her experience particularly with women's health and pregnancy/post-partum. 

Stephanie L .

pilates instructor
& mother


"Michelle-Marie will help you find a better way...
Absolutely love her approach."

the impact

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The Fearless Phaseout Course

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Ditch the everyday toxins that impair fertility, complicate pregnancy, and undermine your baby's health
(without overwhelm!)