Let's flip the script together.

Fed up with status quo health and wellness options? Welcome to We Get To Be Well, where we have a different kind of conversation. One that centers pleasure and connection and knows you're the expert on you. It's the approach to health support that'll have you wondering, "How'd you read my mind?" 

i've heard you're the type who refuses to settle...

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Suffer from chronic stress

Struggle with digestive problems

Have fibromyalgia or chronic pain

Live with an autoimmune condition (like Hashimoto's or Lupus)

Have candida (yeast) overgrowth

Suspect something's up with your hormones

We Get To Be Well helps if you:

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Want more energy and vitality

Have negative health symptoms that aren't getting better

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You're done playing whack-a-mole with your symptoms 

You know that quick fixes rarely work long-term and crave something strategic

You've outgrown Doctor Google and WebMD

You're over diet culture and the fear-mongering that comes with it

You're ready to move beyond thinking of food (and your choices) in terms of good vs. bad

You don't want to wait for the medical status quo to catch up with the already available cutting-edge science

We're probably a good fit if:

You refuse to be in the same place 10 years from now 

You want to get back to being a bon vivant 

omg - that's me!

So many factors affect health outcomes: habits, environment, genetics, worldview, trauma, stress, relationships, and social identity. I look at the whole you, not just your symptoms, to get at the root causes. You're the driver, I'll help you navigate.

Functional Nutrition Framework

Feminist Lens

Too often, the nutrition industry ignores marginalized individuals. Let's ditch the never-ending "self improvement" project. I don't want to "fix" you. I just want you to get more joy. Your desires need not reflect popular wellness values. (Anti-feminist? Exit left.)

we get to be well approach:

Historical & Cultural Context

Context matters. Our individual and collective stories are as important as our symptoms. By understanding how we got here, we'll make informed choices about where you want to go. Let's keep the cultural traditions that feed you and lose the ones that don't.

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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"

mary oliver, poet

food for thought:

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Creative Health Mapping

During the live, virtual 2-part workshop, you'll shape your health map and learn how to integrate all parts of your identity and social context into your plan to thrive. Let's use curiosity and creativity to leverage our bodies' innate healing ability.

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Together, we'll dig deep into your history, assess the present, and build strategies to achieve your audacious health goals. The result: a sustainable nutrition and wellness plan that centers what brings you pleasure and bolsters your social connections.

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"I look at the whole you to get to the root causes of your pain. You're the driver, I'll help you navigate."

michelle-marie, founder

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"I look at the whole you to get to the root causes of your symptoms. You're the driver,
I'll help you navigate."

Amanda N. 

advocacy communications manager & mom


Michelle-Marie is knowledgable, resourceful, and compassionate. I appreciate that she looked at me as a whole-being and does not just focus on food.

In our brief time working together, I learned a lot! I know my body is sensitive to food choices and I feel hopeful about making changes to improve my overall well-being.

"She looked at me as a whole being."

Nick D.

landscape designer

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At age 57 I was experiencing steadily increasing knee pain along with decreasing flexibility. I could not crouch to load the washing machine and instead had to grab the machine and lower myself to my knees, then claw my way back up after. It felt like the beginning of the end of my mobility...

"I've had life-changing improvements in my joint health."

Nick D.

landscape designer


After a thorough evaluation, We Get To Be Well outlined a combination of orthotics, supplements, and detailed nutrition advice.

Just 6 months later I’m 90% improved in both strength and flexibility, with numerous unexpected benefits from my improved diet.

I’m beyond thrilled!

Noelle W.



"Always kind. Always wise."

Michelle-Marie is up to great things! If you're living with pain and looking for a way to manage it, check her out.

Stephanie L .

pilates instructor & massage therapist


"Michelle-Marie will help you find a better way...
Absolutely love her approach."

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